to our humble parlour.

Within these walls (digital or otherwise) lies a space made specifically for the likes of you.

A respite for pagans of all walks.

There are enough homes for those who would know only the reflection of their whims, seeking only the
half-healing of light alone. We are here to give you back to your shadows, to help you wade in the truth-breathing
miasma of the luminous dark. So take a seat, close your eyes, & let yourself drift into the spaces between this
world & the real one. Let your ancestors, your Gods, & your Others hold you in the liminal.

You're Home.
Come rest a while in the dark.

The Parlour

Peruse our many offerings, & delve deep into the magick & wisdom of each item that graces our shelves.

From books, to art, to scents, to apothecarial goods, to ritual & craft tools, to altar pieces, to divinatory tools, & back again.

The Repository

Step into the minds and resources of those practitioners who here preside. *Under Construction*

Join discussions, browse our resource base, watch videos, & observe our myriad musings on or of all the things to which we can speak or otherwise do.

Who We Are

Learn about Shadow Path Parlour & those who make it what it is.

Here you'll garner bits of our individual practice, where our skills lie, what we do, why we do it, & how & why we do all of it.

Upcoming Visitations

Witchcrafted Ostara Market | March 11, 2023
Glendale Civic Center | 5750 W Glenn Dr, Glendale, AZ 85301

Nexus: Occult Books & Oddities | Constantly Rotating Stock
4865 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ

It is here that we've consolidated all the various sigils, staves, & bindrunes made by our own hands. Regardless of purpose, & no matter the object upon which it has been laid, you'll find every form & function of sigil we carry in this space.

Here we've gathered all things of or relating to the myriad gods, entities, others, paths, & practices of the various religions we can speak to, &/or those our trusted peers recommend.


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